answers to your questions…. and so much more!

what is your style?

I am a natural light fine art photographer, thus  I work best in venues that are well lit and often outdoors.   Couples who are adventurous and down-to-earth typically match up well with me!  Adventure awaits you – which may mean taking your dress in places less traveled and off the beaten path! If this sounds like a good time to you, then we should chat!

where are you located?

Home is Where the Heart Is…..

Our main lodge is at the base of beautiful Hatcher Pass in Palmer, Alaska while our get-away cabin is located in Ontario, Wisconsin in the heart of the Driftless region.  The beauty of the modern age is I can be located anywhere you are!  

No Travel Fees for many Alaska & Midwest destination weddings. Incredibly reasonable travel fees are available for destinations beyond, with world-wide coverage.

what is "magical light"

Magical Light is that amazing light you get at sunrise and right before sunset (often called the golden hour).  The light is soft and warm giving wonderful quality to everything that it touches.  Photoshop can’t come close to duplicating the amazingness this light produces in photos.

I schedule all my shoots during this magical light, which is why your engagement photos will look amazing.  It’s also why its so important to work with me when your developing your wedding day time frame.  While most of the photos will be taken throughout the day, its important to leave time for your portrait session during this magical light period to capture what {i’m sure} will become your favorite wedding pictures!

how much time do I need for pictures?

Part of my job is to work closely with you as you develop your wedding day timeline.  My experience with hundreds of weddings allows me to fit ALL of your goals in a very relaxing timeline.

In general, here are some times to consider:

The Details :   includes detail shots of the rings, dress, shoes, and other important details.  Allow 30 minutes as I often take these objects outside to find the perfect shot.

Getting Ready:  includes time spent with your wedding party and family before slipping into your formal wear.  Candid shots of some of the most emotional moments of the day are captured during this period.  Allow 45 minutes.

First Look:  seeing your future Mrs./Mr. before the ceremony is a very personal choice.  Many couples who chose a first look report being calmer than they expected during their ceremony and very happy the decided to see each other.  Other alternatives include a “first touch” where you hold hands and talk to each other, but not actually see each other.   If you decide the first look is for you, allow 30 minutes.  I will bring you both to a private location where we will capture a few portraits after your first look, then you two will be left completely alone – cherish this time as you don’t get it often on your wedding day!

Family Pictures: I know how much family means to you, so its important we capture your family on your big day.  Family formals are usually a lot less painful than most people think they are, and doing the following homework will ensure they will be enjoyable:  1) decide who you want in your pictures long before the big day.  2) Tell everyone who you want in your family photos what your expectations are, where the photos will be taken and what time.  3) Have designated “wranglers” that know all your family members.  This way, when uncle joe get talking you can send your wrangler to go find him while everyone else remains in place.  If you’ve done your homework you can set aside 20 minutes.

Wedding Party:  includes a variety of photos in different locations with a combination of both classic photos and creative shots.  Allow 30-60 minutes depending on size of your wedding party and the locations of your photos.

Bride and Groom Portraits:  usually the most treasured photos of the wedding, these pictures truly capture your inner and outer beauty.  Allow 20 minutes about 45-60 minutes before the sunset to capture both you and your unique venue in the best way possible.

what happens if____ (insert a bad weather noun here)

Rain – Snow – Sleet – Fog – Windchill –  all can be conquered by embracing the day and having a positive attitude!  The most beautiful pictures can be taken in these unique weather conditions.  Plan ahead by bringing a blanket to curl up in, a fun umbrella to add a pop of color, or just venture out.  Your day will look amazing no matter what mother nature throws at you – if you want it to!

how many images do we get?

Each wedding is unique, therefore I take a different number of images at each wedding.  For an 8 hr day, a couple typically receives between 400-600 fully edited images that tell the story of their wedding day.  You can view and order your images through a private online gallery.

do you offer albums or other timeless treasures?

YES! From beautiful custom designed albums to metal prints and amazing wood print holders – there is so much to pick from.

what have past clients said about you?

We absolutely loved working with Amanda! My husband and I were living in Richmond, Virginia but getting married in Waupaca, Wisconsin when we connected with Amanda. We were concerned we would miss out on having the opportunity to do an engagement session. Amanda went above and beyond and offered to take time from a trip to Washington, D.C. to drive down to Richmond to meet with us.  We didn’t think we could be any more impressed with Amanda until it came to our wedding day. For being one photographer, when so many packages come with two, she got every single shot we wanted. I was worried we would miss out on different “angles” of the day, but Amanda navigated every part of the event, efficiently capturing everything. She even caught images during the ceremony where we didn’t even remember seeing her there. She moves so quickly and so inconspicuously that you don’t even notice her capturing your most memorable moments.  We were not looking for a conventional or posed look to our wedding and Amanda was completely on board with our wishes to avoid the staged shots. She evaluates the environment and arranges distinct compositions based on your venue, style, and you as a couple.   In addition to her creativity, we were so pleased with her upbeat and up-for-anything attitude. Her excitement for capturing our special day, and most of all her sense of calm, was infectious and helped our family, friends, and us feel so comfortable being shot by her. She made us smile, laugh, and helped quiet our nerves at being in front of a camera all day. Amanda was a spectacular photographer – we could not have been happier with our decision to work with her.  – Leigh & Josh


We loved having Amanda capture the special moments of our wedding day.  She is amazing!  Amanda took the time before we were all ready for pictures to look for just the right spots for photos, not only to capture family and friends, but the beauty of our yard and home as well.  I think I even saw her in a patch of poison ivy in order to get that “Perfect Picture”.   She seemed to appear out of nowhere for a picture with a dear friend or loved one.  What an amazing day and to be able to look back for years to come and relive every moment, thanks to Amanda, is priceless.  We are so thankful for Amanda and her eye for detail and creativity.  We will cherish the moments in time Amanda captured for us for a life time.  – Julie & Steve


We were lucky to stumble upon Amanda and her extraordinary photography skills.  Trying to find a photographer who enjoyed the same things we did and was able to understand exactly what we wanted to capture on our wedding day seemed to be next to impossible.  Plus, we needed this photographer to travel to rural southeastern Minnesota to our small farm.  Amanda did all of this with a smile on her face and was more excited than I expected to be able to shoot our wedding in the “Big Woods” of Minnesota.  Amanda was able to take my bland ideas and turn it into something outstanding. She knew what I was looking for before I finished my sentence.  Her free spirited, uplifting personality reduced my anxiety greatly on the day of our wedding.  We now look at our photos and question how she got some of our most favorite shots.  She is flexible in every way possible.  She has no problem laying on the ground or climbing ladders to get the most gorgeous picture to remember your day.  We could not have been any more fortunate to have her and her skills with us on our August wedding.  We will enjoy these photos for years to come.  – Jenica & Greg


Amanda did a wonderful job, both with our engagement photos and capturing our wedding day. Amanda did a fantastic job of catching the emotion and atmosphere of the wedding and reception, I love the pictures from the reception of everyone dancing the night away, and of our tower of cupcakes! I would not have wanted anyone else capturing our wonderful day!  – Naomi and Bernie


Amanda Crowe Photography did a wonderful job at our wedding. She is willing to offer you exactly what you want for your event and does not demand that you choose from strict packages. She captured all of the details of the day and caught great candid pictures of the dance and of family members mingling at the reception. She makes herself available when you want her and yet is not intrusive or interruptive to your event. We were very happy with our pictures and received a lot of compliments from our family and friends. We couldn’t be happier that we chose Amanda Crowe Photography to capture our wedding photographs – Maria and Charlie


We loved having Amanda do our wedding photography! Even though we were running around doing last minute tasks, Amanda captured everything and helped us keep stress at bay. It was amazing to see all the photographs, it leaves me with nothing but smiles and good memories whenever I view them. My husband and I put a lot of time handmaking our wedding decorations, invitations, favors, beer, and so on and it was so nice to have photos of all these things to remember not just the day, but all the time we put into the wedding ahead of time. The day went so fast, it was difficult to appreciate everyone and everything, but Amanda’s photos help us appreciate everything! – Kristin and Wes


Amanda is amazing in every way! She photographed our wedding day and it was perfect. She is very talented and we absolutely love every photo that she took! She went out of her way to make every minute of our day perfect…. she even fixed my wedding bouquet when the ribbon came undone!!! We felt extremely comfortable with her, which help us look great in all the photos! We are so glad she was there to help make our wedding more special! -Ashley and Ryan


Amanda was one of the best things about my wedding experience! Amanda is very friendly, organized, creative and easy to work with. She wasn’t afraid to get in there and get the great shot. I absolutely loved that she thinks outside of the box! We got all of the formal photos out of the way, and made sure to get several fun and creative shots. Amanda scouted out an extra photo site for us on our wedding day and told me that she found a great ditch for us to take photos in. I thought she was absolutely crazy and there was no way I was climbing into a ditch in my wedding dress. I’m so glad I just trusted her! She made sure to cover the ground so I didn’t get my dress dirty and in the end, the shots in the ditch were the best shots of all my wedding pictures! I couldn’t be happier with my wedding photos and I highly recommend Amanda Crowe Photography! -Annika and Ben

how do we book you?

Easy-peasy – just drop me a line to start the process!  If I have your date available we’ll set up a time to meet (in person, Skype, or FaceTime).  Once I receive your retainer and a signed agreement I put your date on my calendar.