Stacey and Jason had an amazing outdoor wedding on a lake.  You would never now that you were in downtown Burlington on the banks of the Echo Lake, it felt so private! I hadn’t met Stacey or Jason before the ceremony, but I immediately felt welcomed and part of their wedding party. It doesn’t hurt that we all love farming and animals! Stacey’s smile will melt you away, and Jason has a sense of humor that I can truely appreciate. There were so many special touches that had significant meaning for Stacey and Jason including the very special ring bearer pillow, the arbor which Stacey’s grandpa handcrafted, and almost all the flowers which Stacey’s family grew themselves… right down to the oats on the table center pieces. Sunshine filled the skies and the cool water flowed in the background of their ceremony. Their reception was inside the beautiful Veteran’s Terrace which has beautiful huge windows letting you view the adjacent park and lake. Now for all the foodies out there, I don’t want to make you jeleous… but this was one heck of a meal! Starting with the best salad I have had this summer which was a countryside spinach salad followed by pulled pork, smoked beef brisket, and honey roasted chicken breast, amazing melt in your mouth buttermilk potatoes, roasterd corn, pasta with wild mushrooms and leeks… and there was more! I honestly didn’t even have room for cake… which I heard was amazing. Dancing got underway after dinner and I waddled out to the dance floor to catch some great moves and some very touching moments, especially during the father – daughter dance.

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Veil by Beth Sweeney
Arbor Design and Built by Craig Guthrie
Invitations and Program Design by Danielle Fink
Table Decorations Lisa Lasch
Hair and Makeup Stacie Sherman (Salon Salon)
Dinner by Gooseberries’ Catering and Chef Mike
Cake by Kim Nelen of Gooseberries
Florist Gooseberries Flower Shop
DJ – Fireman Jim Productions



About the Photographer

Amanda is a highly sought midwest wedding photographer based in Bismarck, North Dakota.  Recent wedding travels have taken her to Alaska, New York, Jamaica, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  Amanda has an eye for capturing real moments as her documentary style of photography sets her apart from other wedding photographers.  Most important to Amanda is how her clients enjoy their day, thus Amanda is unobtrusive as possible and captures the day as it happens.  But when a little coaching is needed to make her clients feel comfortable, Amanda isn’t afraid to make them feel at ease with her dry humor and bad jokes.  Amanda does not work from a shot list, but instead reacts to the events as they unfold.  This form of photography helps create a visual story of the day that is organic in nature.  Throughout the event Amanda uses nature to help enhance the beautiful subjects.  Natural light, shadows, and reflections are especially used to make the images stand out.   Amanda is drawn to the magical light that happens near sunrise and sunset where she is able to let her creativity run free .  While Amanda prefers to work at venues that accompany her free spirit including backyards, farms, ranches, barns, wineries and secluded getaway, her talents allow her to work in most any setting.

Amanda was playing with toy cameras before she could walk and quickly moved on to a fisher price 110 mm film camera before spending her teenage and college years – including a six week trek across iceland and europe – with a 35 mm film camera.  Amanda still enjoys shooting 35mm and medium format film for personal projects but now enjoys digital documentary photography for sessions.  Amanda loves to meet new people so call 608.576.7651 or email {} to connect.