2016 a year of Photography

The carpenter’s house is always the last one built and the photographer’s walls are always the last ones to be decorated.  This certainly has been true in my house.  Then 2016 happened.  I decided this will be the year to get back to the reason I started a photography business – my love of capturing moments.  I started by going through my 30,000+ personal pictures and choosing only 800 to be printed.  I started teaching this year. I started volunteering as a photographer more in community events.  I starting shooting film on a regular basis.  I must own at least 50 film cameras (many were gifts), yet it would take me forever to finish a roll of film.  But now, just a little over 2 months in to the new year I can say I talk to my developing company at least weekly.  I’m sure they can’t wait for me to go back full time to digital!  I finally started an Instagram account, which I can say is a challenge when you do not own a tablet or smart phone – and I’m not sure I really get the trill of it – but I’m doing it! (follow me at:  amandacrowephotography)

Finally, I’m starting to blog more about my personal adventures.  Rarely am I anywhere without “a” camera.  Whether its a point and shoot or the “big” camera, I always have something on me.  If nothing else I can use my non-smart phone and at least I’ll have a 1/4″ photo to show my husband when I get home.

Photography is truly my outlet for for creativity and sharing my view of the world.  Without it I would be lost.  What’s your creative outlet?


volunteer-photographer Volunteering for the Bismarck Mandan Symphony Orchestra (photo by the talented Ellen Brooks)

polarid-chicks Poloriad at ISO 3000, shocking how amazing we look at 11pm! (photo by the talented Ellen Brooks)

Adventure. Photography. Love.

Amanda is a highly sought travel wedding photographer, where no destination is to remote.  Based in Palmer, Alaska with a satellite location in the beautiful Kickapoo Valley in Southwest Wisconsin.  Amanda is available to travel to your destination wedding, elopement, or engagement. Recent wedding and engagement travels to New York, Virginia, Jamaica, Mexico, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin showcase her adventurous spirit to capture love in remote and unique locations.  

Playing with toy cameras before she could walk, Amanda was soon using a fisher price 110 mm film camera.  She found herself spending her teenage and college years with her 35 mm film camera, rarely leaving her side, Amanda spent six weeks in Iceland and Europe capturing environmental justice with her film cameras before entering graduate school and the digital age.  While still enjoying 35mm and medium format film for personal projects, today Amanda uses digital technology for documenting her clients biggest day.  

 Photography the Feels Natural

Ensuring her clients enjoy their wedding day is the most important element for Amanda. Thus Amanda is unobtrusive, capturing the day as it happens. Amanda does not work from a shot list, but instead reacts to events as they unfold.  This form of photography creates a visual story organic in nature.  Amanda has an eye for capturing real moments.  Her style of photography sets her apart from other wedding photographers.  

Throughout the day Amanda uses nature to help enhance her beautiful subjects.  Using natural light, shadows, and reflections Amanda ensures the bride and groom stand out.  Amanda is drawn to the magical light occurring at sunrise and sunset where she lets her creativity run free.  While Amanda prefers to work at venues that accompany her free spirit including backyards, farms, ranches, barns, wineries and secluded getaway, her talents allow her to work in most any setting.

Amanda loves to meet new people email {amanda@amandacrowephotography.com} to connect.